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Imagined Lands is part of the WRS Network. A prolific author, Robert Stanek has written many books for young people and adults. In fantasy fiction, a few reader favorites are: The Kingdoms & the Elves of the Reaches, In the Service of Dragons, Breath of Fire, After the Machines, and Into the Stone Land. He also writes books for children and his picture books tell the story of a big, little place called Bugville.

On Facebook, Robert Stanek posts regularly to his author page. You'll find him on twitter @robertstanek. Books & Things and Read Indies are two of his popular blogs. Find his blog archives here.

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The Kingdoms and the Elves of the Reaches

In the Service of Dragons

Dragons of the Hundred Worlds

A Daughter of Kings

The Guardians of the Dragon Realms

After the Machines

Magic Lands

The Pieces of the Puzzle

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Though he's written about many faraway worlds and distant lands, Ruin Mist, Magic Lands, and Bugville are Robert Stanek's most popular imagined lands. Look also for After the Machines.

The Ruin Mist books are organized into sets for adults and sets for young adults. The adult fiction novels include: Keeper Martin's Tale, Kingom Alliance, Fields of Honor, and Mark of the Dragon. The young adult novels include The Kingdoms and the Elves of the Reaches 1 - 4 and In the Service of Dragons 1 - 4.

The Magic Lands novels include Journey Beyond the Beyond, Into the Stone Land and the forthcoming The Wizard's Stronghold (tenative title).

Bugville books are organized into adventures for babies to Pre-K and from Kindergarten to Grade 3 as well as many learning adventures for children of all ages.

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